Specialized Training

Data Science with R Certification Training:

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Key features of the training:

• 5 days of classroom learning with hands-on practice;
• 180 days access to self paced learning that includes;
• 24 hours of self paced video;
• Hands on practice with cloud lab;
• 8 real life industry project in retail, insurance, finance and other domain;
• includes business analytics with excel;
• includes statistical concepts such as regression and cluster analysis;

Criteria for participation: only 30 participants could get the opportunity with the following criteria:

• Trainees should be fresh graduates / employees of IT/ITES firms;
• The employees of IT/ITES firm located in HTP/STP and tenants will get preference;
• Trainees have to pass an entry-level selection process to attend the program;
• BHTPA always encourages participation from female, and disable candidates;
• Eligibility criteria could be relaxed for women and disable;
• Professionals working in data and business analytics
• Applicants have to pay BDT 1000 as commitment fee.

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