Skill Enhancement Program

Skill Enhancement is another important initiative of the project to enhance the skills of the employees and graduates for creating a readily employable workforce to be absorbed in the Information Technology (IT) or IT Enabled Services (ITES) sector in order to increase employment and self-employment opportunities of young Bangladeshis. The aim of the project is to upgrade skills or achieve specific vendor certification for employees working in the IT/ITES Industry and to develop the increased freelancer community to participate in micro work on crowd sourcing platforms and promote the opportunities for employment in IT/ITES companies. Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority is supporting human resource development through the Skills Enhancement Training Program for better employability.

Main objective of the program:
1. Target of program is to train up 3000 IT personnel and unemployed youth graduates;
2. Create a readily employable workforce to be absorbed in the IT/ITES sector by the Industry;
3. Increase self-employment opportunities for the youth of Bangladesh in the IT/IT Enabled Services sectors;
4. Upgrade skills of employees working in the IT/ITES Industry enabling its growth with better-qualified human resources;
5. Provide globally recognized vendor specific certification and training programs covering IT/ITES industry needs;
6. Develop increased Freelancing community to participate in microwork on crowdsourcing platforms;

Progress of the program:
1. No of participants completed: 4735 [male=3551 (75%), female=1184 (25%)]
2. Total 26 courses were completed through 29 selected institutes.

1. List of selected training institute: SEP-name-of-TSP
2. Course wise no of participants: SEP-course-wise-participants
3. Course Outline: COURSE-OUTLINE-all
4. List of Participants: List_of_Participants

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