Project Brief

Project Background

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is playing an important role for achieving Bangladesh’s mission of becoming a middle income country by 2021. To accelerate the economic development of the country, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA) has been established in 2010.

BHTPA is responsible for the establishment and expansion along with management, operation and development of Hi-Tech Parks within the country. Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park, Jessore Software Technology (IT) Park, Sylhet Hi-Tech Park, Mohakhali IT Village, Janata Tower Software Technology Park and 12 IT Parks are important and priority projects which would be the milestone for the development of IT sector as well as the industrialization of Bangladesh.

The Government of Bangladesh is implementing “Support to Development of Kaliakoir (and Other Hi-Tech Park) Project” under the Private Sector Development Support Project (PSDSP) financed by IDA and DFID.BHTPA is establishing various off-site infrastructures in Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park, Jessore Software Technology Park and Sylhet Hi-Tech Park.

Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park (KHTP), now known as Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City (BHTC), is the first ever Hi-Tech Park in Bangladesh which is located at Kaliakoir upazilla in Gazipur district. It is situated only 40 km North of Dhaka city covering 232 acres of land. Additional 97 acres of land is under process for inclusion with the Park. The park will be a world class business environment/investment zone especially for the foreign investors where they can easily utilize the vast potential of young educated and technically skilled work force.
BHTPA has also been establishing Software Technology (IT Village) Park at Jessore, Hi-Tech Park at Sylhet along with establishment of HTP/ STP in other districts of the country. The World Bank has been supporting in establishing a Multi-Tenant Building (MTB) at Jessore, IT Business incubator at CUET, development of Janata Software Technology Park and development some basic facilities at Sylhet Hi-Tech Park through the Support to Development of Kaliakoir (and others Hi-Tech Parks) Project.

Objectives of the Project:

• To create employment opportunities through the establishment of knowledge-based industries in general, and IT/ITES & advanced Hi-Tech industries in particular, in order to realize the Government’s vision of Digital Bangladesh;
• To create world-class business environment for establishing ICT and other knowledge-based Hi-Tech industries in the parks;
• To help develop sustainable technology and firm-level innovation; and
• To provide capacity building support for Hi-Tech park related institutions, private sector IT/IT Enabled Services companies, IT/ITES association members, skills development training, Freelancers training enabling improved and enhanced business environment with increased opportunities for growth.


a) Original : 22236.33 lac (GoB 1175.11, PA 21061.22)
b) 1st revised : 23698.81 lac (GoB 1175.11, PA 22523.70)
c) 2nd Revised : 23698.81 lac (GoB 1175.11, PA 22523.70)
d) 3rd Revised : 39414.81 lac (GOB 2947.11, PA 36467.70)

Project Implementation Period:

a) Original: January, 2013 to June, 2016
b) 1st Revised: January, 2013 to June, 2016
c) 2nd Revised: January, 2013 to June, 2016
d) 3rd Revised: January, 2013 to December, 2019

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