Internal Access Road

98internal-access-road Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park is divided into 5 blocks Block-1 will be used for administrative purpose and remaining 4 blocks for industrial purpose. It is mentionable that Price Water House Cooper the consulting firm for Feasibility Study proposes a road net work with various types of road for the Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park. The arterial and primary road was proposed in view to ensure easy access to all the blocks. Part of the main access road was built by GoB money from entry point to end of the block-1 and remaining portion of the road is being constructed under this project. Initially the contract was signed with the responsive lowest bidder Spectra Engineers Limited for 50 feet wide Access road with drain on 02 January 2014. The actual contract price of the work was 27.84 crore taka for the length of 2225 km. But due to the lake and other some physical obstruction only 1700 metre road out of 2225 m could be constructed. In these circumstances internal access road of 1300 m long with 5.5 m width (without drain) has been included in this contract after Bank clearance and approval from ICT Division. The construction of alternate road has been completed and the honorable state minister of ICT Division, ministry of posts, telecommunication & IT has inaugurated the road on 16 April 2015..

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