Construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant

Sewerage Line in KHTP

Sewerage line is one of the most important components for Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park. The sewerage line was constructed under PSDSP which cover all the blocks (Block 1-5) and partly of the 97 acres of land (currently added with KHTP) with cost of BDT 210 lac. The work has been completed in December 2015.

Sewage Treatment Plant in KHTP

Sewage Treatment Plant is another vital components for developing an environment-friendly industrial park. Three STPs in KHTP were suggested by the PWC in feasibility report considering the topography of the land. BHTPA decided to establish a STP with 3 MLD capacities in Block-1which will cover Block-I, II and partially Block-III. The works had been completed on September 2016 by spending BDT 464.41 lac was the spent for the plant.

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