Construction of Road in KHTP

Internal Access Road

Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park is comprising of 5 blocks. Block-1 is for administrative purpose and remaining 4 blocks are for industrial use. The consulting firm Price water house Coopers conducted the feasibility study of the park and proposed a road network for the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City (Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park) in the report. The arterial and primary road was proposed to ensure easy access to all the blocks. The main access road from the main gate to end of the block-1 was constructed by using GoB fund and remaining part constructed through this project.

The actual contract price of the work was BDT 2783 lac for the length of 2225 meter. Due to lake and other some physical obstructions only 1700 meter road with 46 feet wide & drainage facility was constructed. To ensure proper use of the unspent money 1300 meter long and 5.5 meter width (without drain) was included in the contract.The Honourable State Minister for ICT Division, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & IT has inaugurated on 16 April 2015. More 1150 m road was constructed to ensure access to additional 91 acres of land. But width and design was adjusted with the available fund. The construction of Internal Road (Branch Road) in KHTP has been completed on 15 March 2017. The length of the road is 1150 meter and total contract value was 502.83 lac.

Alternate Road

Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park covers a total land area of 355 acres allocated by the government. The park being a business place with a limited access for common people, is surrounded by a boundary wall. Before construction of boundary wall some access roads, used by the inhabitants of neighbouring villages such as Pierer Taki, Boktarpur, Janer Chalaetc has passed through the park. The boundary wall was hindering the villagers’ access to market places, highway, upazilla, hospital etc. To minimize the villagers’ suffering, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority decided to construct an alternate road to ensure easy access of the neighbouring villagers.

Initial plan was to construct a new road within the boundary of the park but after consultation with the local Authority BHTPA had agreed to widen the existing narrow kutcha road. The 18 ft. wide alternate road has been constructed for the villagers for easy reach/access to Kaliakoir Bazar and National Highway along the boundary wall. Finally, BHTPA constructed alternate roads in two phases. Construction of 2696 meters was completed in April 2015 with total cost of BDT 1301lac. The other part 1150 meter long, was constructed in December 2015 by using BDT 419.80 lac.

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