Company Quality Certificate

Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has taken the program for supporting local IT/ITES companies for enhancing their competitiveness through achieving quality certification which will enable them to aggressively participate in local and global markets and grow their businesses. The objective of the program is to establish an internationally recognized certification program like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for companies in the IT/ITES Sector. The Authority would provide 75% of the total cost and rest 25% cost would be borne by the company. The support from the Authority is on the basis of the success of the certification. If any company fails to achieve certification the money will be recovered (if payment made on Bank Guarantee) from them.

Till date total 66 (sixty six) company completed their certification and the certification process of another 15 (fifteen) is going on.

The list of 66 company:

Sl No Company Name Certification Name
1 Data Soft Systems Bangladesh Ltd. CMMi L5
2 Leads Soft Bangladesh Ltd. CMMi L5
3 BJIT Limited CMMi L3
4 Dohatec New Media CMMi L3
5 ERA InfoTech  LTD CMMi L3
6 Ethics Advanced Technology Ltd CMMi L3
7 Grameen Solutions Limited CMMi L3
8 IBCS-PRIMAX Softwre (Bangladesh) Limited CMMi L3
9 Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd CMMi L3
10 Star Computer Systems Limited CMMi L3
11 Techno Vista Limited CMMi L3
12 Technohaven Company Limited CMMi L3
13 Atom AP Limited CMMi L3
14 Business Automation Ltd CMMi L3
15 Divine IT Limited CMMi L3
16 Infinity Technology International Limited CMMi L3
17 Reve Systems Ltd. CMMi L3
18 Shurjomukhi Limited CMMi L3
19 Syntech Solution Ltd CMMi L3
20 UY Systems Ltd CMMi L3
21 Wisdom Valley Limited CMMi L3
22 Brainstation-23 ISO:27001
23 Databiz Software Ltd ISO:27001
24 Devnet Ltd ISO:27001
25 Daffodil Computers Limited ISO:27001
26 Sigma Systems PVT Limited ISO:27001
27 Software Shop Limited ISO:27001
28 Big Bang Computers Ltd. ISO:9001
29 Copotronic Infosysems Ltd ISO:9001
30 Digicon Technologies Limited ISO:9001
31 Euro Bangla IT Ltd. ISO:9001
32 Mars Solutions Ltd. ISO:9001
33 Metronet Bangladesh Limited ISO:9001
34 Nice Power & IT Solutions ISO:9001
35 Service Solution Ltd ISO:9001
36 Subra Systems Ltd. ISO:9001
37 Systech Digital ISO:9001
38 W3 Engineers ISO:9001
39 Windmill Infotech Ltd. ISO:9001
40 Square Informatix ISO:9001
41 Synesis IT Ltd ISO:9001
42 System Resource Ltd. ISO:9001
43 MY Outsourcing Ltd ISO:9001
44 RM Systems Ltd. ISO:9001
45 Creative IT Limited ISO:9001
46 Global Web Outsourcing Limited ISO:9001
47 MIR Technologies ISO:9001
48 Energotech ISO:9001
49 SR Solutions ISO:9001
50 MAP Distribution Network ISO:9001
51 Nrbjobs ISO:9001
52 JB Intel Limited ISO:9001
53 Arena Phone BD Ltd ISO:9001
54 Aspire Tech Services and Solutions Ltd ISO:9001
55 Computer Source Infotech Limited ISO:9001
56 Dnet ISO:9001
57 Esoftarena Limited ISO:9001
58 Fusion Infotech Limited ISO:9001
59 Genuity Systems Ltd ISO:9001
60 Impel Service & Solutions Limited ISO:9001
62 Radisson Digital Technology Limited ISO:9001
63 Raj IT Sloutions Ltd. ISO:9001
64 Saj Telecom & Fashion ISO:9001
65 Synergy Interface Limited ISO:9001
66 Vecras BD Ltd ISO:9001

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