Alternate Road

47alternate_road-1 Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park covers a total land area of 232 acres allocated by the government. Some access roads passed through the park used by the inhabitant of neighboring village Pierertaki, Boktarpur, Janer Chala etc. Government has made a substantial progress in establishing Hi-Tech Park development. Therefore, all the access points need to be closed which will hinder villager’s access to market, highway, upazilla hospital etc. To minimize the villager’s suffering Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority decided to construct an alternate road for the villagers of neighboring village. Initially plan was to construct a new road within the boundary of the park but after consultation with the locality the Authority has agreed to widen the existing narrow road (some portion was kutcha and some portion was brick soling). As the Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park would be closed by boundary wall, so 18 ft wide alternate road is being established for the villagers for easy reach/access to Kaliakoir and National Highway. The contract has been awarded to the selected lowest bidder PBL was on 07 October, 2013 with the amount of BDT 13.55 crore. In order to assess the Environmental Impact of Alternate Road BHTPA engaged a consultant to carry out EIA in compliance with the Environmental Management Framework of PSDSP and the safeguard policies of the World Bank. Besides, a committee comprising of (1) Deputy Project Director, SDKHTP (2) Executive Engineer, Kaliakoir Municipality (Mayor’s representative) and (3) Asst. Commissioner (Land) (UNO’s representative) was formed to assess the actual loss of the affected people by the alternate road. As the alternate road is going to be constructed/ made widen and carpeting on the existing narrow, raw road, so there was no acquisition issue but 15 families have been affected partly by the alternate road. Six families are partially losing a section of their cowsheds made by tin roofs which are temporary structures and can be easily moved. Five families are affected by the loss of their slab-toilets which are easily removable and can be re-built in a day on adjacent land in the immediate vicinity to their homesteads. Two families are losing a tube-well, four families a room meant for kitchen and two families another room along with kitchen which is used as temporary store for fire woods. The rest five families are affected by loss of trees only. Affected families do not need to relocate from the present place but they only have to shift affected infrastructure. Based on SIA and Abbreviated Resettlement Action Plan (ARAP) made by project consultant as well as the assessment report made by the committee, project has paid BDT 6.20 lakhs to the affected families after discloser of ARAP. All the Bank cheque has been issued in favor of the affected family head. To reduce the suffering of the neighboring villagers’ 1150 metre length Alternate Road 2 is going to be constructed for easy reach/access to Kaliakoir and National Highway which is 18 ft wide. The contract has been awarded to the selected lowest bidder Spectra Engineers Limited on 20/01/2015 with the amount of BDT 3.99 crore. The physical progress of the Alternate Road 2 is about 50% and it will be completed on 19 October 2015. Downloadable Files


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